Real World Projects

Project management is being increasingly recognized as a vital skill-set for many management positions, not just those with the title of “project manager”. As businesses increasingly have to do more with less, implementing strategy effectively has become more important than ever. Real world project management best practices meet this need – by providing proven, standardized practices for meeting project goals.

Key Consulting has been using Project Management Institute (PMI) best practices and standards since 2002. Key Consulting employees have been part of PMI since 1991.  Check out our free project management templates. We also provide a variety of public project management best practice training courses that cover everything from project management fundamentals to project management certification. Select a location for a listing of course dates: Seattle/BellevueTucsonGrand Cayman, live online.

Posts in this category relate to the real world application of project management tools and techniques.

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What are project deliverables in everyday terms? I’m having a hard time grasping the concept. They are normally considered to be the items that the […]

The Tenth D of Project Management: Disruption

In this series of articles we’re discussing a simple approach for managing projects – the ten D’s of project management.  So far we’ve covered Definition, Detail, Dependencies, […]