Get the Costs of your Legal Department Under Control or Face the Consequences

Through convergence programs, RFPs and value-based alternative fee arrangements (AFAs), many general counsel are significantly altering the balance of power between client and law firm. Among law firms that understand the implications of this sea change, there has been a rush to embrace legal project management (LPM) as a discipline to manage legal tasks efficiently, consistently and predictably –and deliver on the promises they are making to clients in their AFAs.

Properly implemented, LPM is a discipline that yields efficiently planned and delivered legal services and permits more accurate costing and budgeting. However, many law firms still regard LPM primarily as an internal approach to work process management, quality assurance and cost control. They resist the idea that LPM can create a powerful bridge to better communication and better relationships with their clients.

Read the whole article by Pamela H. Woldow of Altman Weil Inc.

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