How can I move from customer service management to project management? 1 comment

I want to move into project management after a 10 year career in customer service. I have been in middle management and have also had opportunities to lead and be part of some projects, but nothing major. I also just got Prince2 certification (Foundation and Practitioner). I know I can’t just go out and start applying for PM jobs – I know I need to get a lot of practical experience before I can start apply for PM roles. I don’t mind starting at the bottom, can you please point me in the right direction?

Here are some ideas:

  1. Leverage your customer service experience. Look for project management related opportunities in the customer service field.
  2. Look for assistant PM roles, or other support roles in a Project Management Office (PMO).
  3. Do some project management work for a non-profit on a volunteer basis.
  4. Join your local PM professional organisation to network and volunteer.
  5. Get some good tool training e.g. Microsoft Project, or Primavera, and use that skill as a foot in the door.


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One thought on “How can I move from customer service management to project management?

  • Susan Olson

    I would suggest you receive a certificate in project management through PMI. Google it. Many of the skills that you have do cross over however you are wanting a corporation to trust you with managing the profit margins on at least one million dollars and over. So yes you are correct in assuming that no business will trust you with doing this. It doesn’t matter that you want to start at the bottom. Starting by getting a certificate which shows the world you have learned through education to do what you are saying you can do. A community college or online can provide you with these tools.

    Good luck to you. I have 27 years of PM in the construction industry.

    Susan Peters Olson Linked In