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  1. Once I answered all 200 questions and reviewed the Marked For Review Questions, I selected “End Test”. The computer screen then went immediately completely blank color white for 10 seconds. I wondered if I selected the wrong button. You might want to be prepared for this “white screen” if it happens to you as well. Eventually a Prometric logo appeared and requested I take a survey on my experience at the Tucson Prometric test center. Once I completed the survey, the computer screen went white again for about 5 seconds and finally began to score my exam. The computer then returned results of “Congratulations on passing the PMP Examination” and indicated that I would be receiving my PMP Certificate in the mail in a few weeks. The onscreen results detailed how I scored within the Process Groups based on three levels of proficiency: 1) Proficient 2) Moderate Proficient 3) Below Proficient. PMI did not provide information however on how many questions I marked correct which would have been nice to know.
  2. Once I exited the testing room, a Prometric staff member printed out a piece of paper with the PMI logo documenting my exam results similar to what appeared on the computer screen after scoring. The Prometric representative then imprinted a seal of the Prometric Testing Center on the upper right hand corner of the paper and initialed the paper.
  3. About 40% of the questions were relatively straightforward text-based questions with obvious correct answers. An additional 20% required knowing the EAD and Cost formulas and were also relatively easy. A lot of the questions had terms or concepts that I never saw before, however using the process of elimination on the 4 possible answers, I got through them. The rest were worded in such a way that you simply had to guess. Some of the questions were not the type of questions that you could have studied for and I relied on my logic and critical thinking as an experienced PM.

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