Project Management Consulting and Coaching

We work with individuals and organizations to improve their project management capabilities. With offices in Bellevue/Seattle, WA, and Tucson, AZ, we help local businesses, nonprofits, and government organizations around the country.  Typically our clients are struggling to get projects completed on time, and/or they are undertaking a new and unusual project.


Project Based Consulting


We provide project management support on a part-time or full-time basis for specific projects. We can act as your project manager, or we can support your existing project manager. If you are still in the bidding stage on a large project, we can help you put together well-structured project plans as part of your proposal, and/or we can help you manage your project when your bid is successful.


Organizational Project Management Consulting


We work with your organization to improve or establish project management processes, tools, and templates. While we probably assist on specific projects, the main focus is on the processes required to ensure a continual stream of successful projects. This can sometimes involve setting up a Project Management Office (PMO), and can also include advice regarding the use/optimization of project management software, such as Microsoft Project.


PMI’s 2016 Pulse of the Profession survey found that organizations with a PMO able to help direct strategy and focus on value delivery report 27 percent more projects completed successfully and 42 percent fewer projects with scope creep.


Project Management Staff Augmentation


We support longer term contracts with experienced staff who work as part of your organization. This might include Microsoft Project experts, certified project managers, project schedulers, and/or data analysts.


Project Management Coaching


We work with your project manager to help them implement project management best practices in an efficient, practical, way as they develop their project managements skills.  New project managers are often ill-prepared by their organization to take on their new role – we can help!


Our Project Management Personnel


Project management is our passion.  Our personnel make projects more efficient – controlling costs, schedules, and work scope. While our project management consultants bring a wealth of experience from a wide array of industries, their real strength often lies in their ability to use project management best practices in environments where no-one has experience.  The more unusual the situation, the more value they add.  Read more about our personnel here.


Project Management Institute


project management consulting and coachingEstablished in 1969, the Project Management Institute (PMI) is the world’s leading not-for-profit project management professional association, with over 450,000 members worldwide. Key Consulting has been providing project management consulting services using  Project Management Institute (PMI) best practices and standards since 1999.  Key Consulting employees have been part of PMI since 1991.