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The product deliverable from your project is completed and the customer is ready to accept the product. As project manager, what should be your next step?

A.   Refer to the quality plan to see if the product meets requirements.
B.   Conduct the validate scope process.
C.   Follow administrative closure process.
D.   Document lessons learned.


B:  The validate scope process is all about formal customer acceptance, so that would be the next best step.  (The quality management plan doesn’t contain general product requirements – those would be in the requirements documentation and/or the requirements traceability matrix.)


Based on question data supplied by: 1000 Challenge PMP Questions
Author: Mohit Arora
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2 thoughts on “Sample PMP Question: April 2015

  • Kevin Archbold

    Thanks for the comment. Just FYI – in many industries RFI means Request for Information, which means something different.

  • Danaraddy

    Conduct the validte scope process , means raise the RFI ( Request for Inspection ) and get the sign-off from the customer