Sample PMP Question: December 2015

You need a batch of 100 identical valves which will be custom-made for your project to build a food processing plant.  There is a risk of the valves deteriorating during processing; therefore you placed requirements on the quality of the raw materials for the valves, which will make production very costly.  Unfortunately, in order to test the valves against these requirements, you would have to destroy them. You have no experience with the vendors at all.  What should you do?

A.  Do 10% inspection.  You have to trust the selected supplier that they will use the materials according to your specification.
B.  Negotiate a contract over more than 100 items and perform acceptance sampling for the surplus of the batch on delivery.
C.  Require the seller to supply the valves together with appropriate certificates from their raw materials suppliers.
D.  Do 100% inspection on delivery to your premises, then order another batch of 100 valves.


B.  Option B is the only option that addresses the requirement of destruction testing as part of the process.


Based on question data supplied by: 1000 Challenge PMP Questions
Author: Mohit Arora
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