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Scope Validation

Which of the following is an example of scope validation?

  1. Decomposing the WBS to a work package level.
  2. Reviewing the performance of installed software.
  3. Performing a benefit/cost analysis to determine of we should proceed with the project.
  4. Managing changes to the project schedule.


Scope Validation

B.  Scope validation is the process of formalizing acceptance of completed project deliverables and ensuring the output meets all the requirements/standards set at the beginning.  This includes validating the deliverable with the customer or the sponsor, and getting the acceptance from the customer or the sponsor.


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Question data supplied by: 1000 Challenge PMP Questions
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Answering sample questions is an important part of preparing for the Project Management Profession (PMP) exam. Did you answer this question correctly?  If so, great, congratulations!  If not, perhaps your understanding of scope validation is different from the Project Management Institute’s definition, in which case you might benefit from more time with your PMP preparation materials, or some PMP prep training.  It’s not that your understanding is necessarily wrong, but you need to answer the exam questions from PMI’s perspective.


Validate Scope is a Monitoring and Controlling Process in the Project Scope Management knowledge area of the PMBOK® Guide.

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2 thoughts on “Sample PMP® Question: May 2016

  • Kevin Archbold

    Yes and no. The Control Quality and Scope Validation processes are identical in many ways. Both processes have to ensure that the customer requirements have been met, and this is done by checking that the deliverables meet the acceptance criteria. The main difference is that Control Quality is done to satisfy yourself internally that everything is OK, whereas Verify Scope is about satisfying the customer everything is OK.

  • Gregg D. Richie

    Your answer is correct – but the explanation is misleading. Validate scope is not the process of ensuring the deliverables meets requirements and standards – that is the process of Control Quality. Validate Scope is the process of ensuring the deliverables meet the acceptance criteria. See PMBOK Page 134, 2nd paragraph; Page 250, 1st paragraph; Page 326 for the definition of Acceptance criteria.