Best Practices

Sample PMP Question: November 2015

If your expected value is 110 and the standard deviation is 12, which of the following is true? A. There is approximately a 99% chance of […]

Sample PMP Question: October 2015

Phillip is a project manager in a manufacturing industry.  He has just been assigned to a project that has been in progress for three months. […]

How to Collect Progress for Your Projects

Each reporting cycle, you should be collecting updated information about how your project is progressing (“Actuals”).  But how should you collect this information? There are […]

Sample PMP Question: September 2015

In the projects final closure phase, which of the following should be done first? a.  Measure customer satisfaction as a key performance indicator of project’s […]

Sample PMP Question: August 2015

Which of the following is not a common format for reporting performance? a.  Bar Charts b.  Resource Activity Matrix c.  S-Curves d.  Tabular Reports B. […]

Sample PMP Question: July 2015

A housing construction project requires that governmental environmental hearings be held prior to site preparation. From a project management prospective, this is an example of? […]

Cost Variance

What is Cost Variance (CV)? Cost Variance is the difference between the amount budgeted and the amount actually spent for the work performed on a […]

Schedule Performance Index

What is the Schedule Performance Index (SPI)? The Schedule Performance index (or SPI) is the ratio of the budget for the work performed to the […]

Estimating Activity Durations

What is an estimate of activity duration? An activity duration estimate is an evaluation of how long will be needed to actually perform an activity. […]