Sample PMP Question: November 2015

If your expected value is 110 and the standard deviation is 12, which of the following is true? A. There is approximately a 99% chance of […]

Sample PMP Question: October 2015

Phillip is a project manager in a manufacturing industry.  He has just been assigned to a project that has been in progress for three months. […]

Sample PMP Question: September 2015

In the projects final closure phase, which of the following should be done first? a.  Measure customer satisfaction as a key performance indicator of project’s […]

Sample PMP Question: August 2015

Which of the following is not a common format for reporting performance? a.  Bar Charts b.  Resource Activity Matrix c.  S-Curves d.  Tabular Reports B. […]

Sample PMP Question: July 2015

A housing construction project requires that governmental environmental hearings be held prior to site preparation. From a project management prospective, this is an example of? […]

Cost Variance

What is Cost Variance (CV)? Cost Variance is the difference between the amount budgeted and the amount actually spent for the work performed on a […]

Schedule Performance Index

What is the Schedule Performance Index (SPI)? The Schedule Performance index (or SPI) is the ratio of the budget for the work performed to the […]

Estimating Activity Durations

What is an estimate of activity duration? An activity duration estimate is an evaluation of how long will be needed to actually perform an activity. […]

Products in Projects 1 comment

What is a “product” in a project? Basic rule of thumb: a product is something tangible (hold, touch & feel). Software and electronic documents are […]