PMP exam questions

Sample PMP® Question: August 2016

The project is closed, and all documents have been finalized. These documents become part of: A. Project Archives B. Organizational Process Assets C. Lessons Learned […]

Sample PMP Question: May 2015

You are responsible for a construction project currently under execution. You’re closely evaluating the work by constantly measuring the project performance, and recommending changes, repairs, […]

Sample PMP Question: January 2015 2 comments

While selecting projects, the sponsor directs you as the project manager to pick the BEST project your company can pursue.  Considering the following options, which […]

Sample PMP Question: November 2014

During the project life-cycle, stakeholder identification is expected to be: A.    A continuous process. B.    One of the key responsibilities of the project […]

Sample PMP Question: October 2014

You are developing a statement of work for the procurement of some raw materials for your project.  What should you focus on in developing the […]

Sample PMP Question: September 2014

How many lines of communication are there on your project, if your project involves 17 people excluding the sponsor: A.    112 B.    105 […]

Sample PMP Question: August 2014

John completed the risk analysis and he knows that the expected value is 100 days with a standard deviation of 12 days.  John can be […]

Sample PMP Question: July 2014

You are the project manager on a software implementation project.  Your client demands a major change in the later phase of the project. You assess […]

Sample PMP Question: June 2014

The theory of zero defects is based on: A.    Prevention B.    Inspection C.    Correction D.    Fitness for Use Answer A: This theory […]