What risks should be included in a project management report? 1 comment

My group and I have to write a management report including the progress made. The project is to build a robot. My main concern is the risks that I have to include in that report. Please give me a list or something that could possibly help me with that bit. Thanks a lot in advance!

Potential risks:

  1. Components may not be available when needed.
  2. Components may fail during construction.
  3. Team members may find they don’t have the technical skills required.
  4. Team members may get sick and be unable to participate
  5. Design may not be completed on time and/or may be flawed.
  6. Test equipment may be not available when required.


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One thought on “What risks should be included in a project management report?

  • Devon Manelski

    Kevin, this is a great question. Risks are often overlooked in the project management process. For a management report, I would recommend only including High Impact/High Probability, High Impact/Medium Probability and Medium Impact/High Probability risks at the detail level. I would also recommend including a chart or graph that summarizes the risks across all the impact/probability combinations.