PMP Certification Test: A Week to Go

pmp certification testMy PMP certification test is a week from tomorrow.  Since taking my PMP exam preparation course in August, I’ve focused my studying on reviewing the binder of course materials and diligently reading a few chapters in Rita Mulcahy’s exam preparation book each weekend.


The binder and book have multiple pages flagged and numerous items underlined in red ink — wherever I wanted to note areas I had trouble understanding or need more of my attention to be able to remember them for the test.  It was very helpful to answer the sample exam questions included in the Key Consulting binder and the Rita Mulcahy book to recognize what I know reasonably well and what I don’t.  Of course, my knowledge strengths and weaknesses are based on how project management has been conducted where I’ve worked and what the focus has been.  Based on my job experience, for example, I found studying about planning, procurement, human resources and communication to be relatively easy.  I’ll concentrate on the aspects of  time, cost,  quality and risk when I study this final week since they’re the most challenging for me .  Since I like using flashcards as a tool for learning, this afternoon I’m going to make some related to terms and processes I still need to know better.


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