My PMP exam is scheduled

PMP certification applicationThe process of submitting my PMP certification application, making payment, getting approval for testing and scheduling the exam at the local computer testing center went quickly–it was completed within a week.  Now I can totally focus on studying for the next month and a half.


On Monday I posted copies of the Key Consulting PMI project management body of knowledge process mapping chart and Rita Mulcahy’s process chart in my work office for easy access.    Although I only need to memorize parts of them, I do need to be familiar with the flow of everything depicted in the charts.   When I’m driving to work or walking between meetings, I test myself to see how many components in the charts I can remember.


Tomorrow I’m taking my PMBOK guide book to keep at work.  My plan is to review and read through it on my lunch breaks.  I’m keeping my PMP Exam Prep book by Rita Mulcahy and the Key Consulting certification prep course binder at home for easy access and comparison.


I’ve begun reading the Rita Mulcahy book and flipped through some of the chapters.  My husband, who’s had a little project management exposure in his civil engineering work, could answer some of the sample test questions correctly when I read them aloud to acquaint him with what I’m learning.  Proficient at algebra and geometry calculations, he offered me the use of his scientific calculator when he heard I needed to memorize some formulas and apply them for the exam.  I let him know that the math required for the PMP test isn’t that complicated but I’d appreciate his help learning and practicing the formulas (and that you’re not allow to take calculators into the exam room.)


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