PMP Credential Application

PMP credential applicationMy brain needed a day of rest after taking Key Consulting’s PMP Certification Prep Course Monday through Friday last week in preparation for the PMP certification exam.  Comprehensive and intense, the class covered all the major aspects of project management.


We received and worked from the PMBOK guide, an exam preparation book and a large binder of materials.  With the exception of breaks and lunch, trainer Kevin Archbold focused the nine hour days on learning the components of project management and how they relate.  Our evening homework included answering practice exam questions relating to the topics we’d covered in the classroom that day.   I feel very well prepared now about what to study in preparation for taking the PMP exam.  The course was my first formal training, so I not only greatly expanded my knowledge but also came away with a much better appreciation of project management’s value based on the real life examples shared by the class.


My goal today is to finish my online PMP credential application.  I started it several weeks ago, because PMI conveniently allows you to save your work and take up where you left off the next time you log in.  Since detailed information is required to document your project management experience and education, the application isn’t something you can fill out quickly.  I need to document taking the training I received last week, so I couldn’t submit the application any earlier.  With the preparation course and application submission behind me, next I’ll chart a course of action for studying.

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