Project Management in Nursing

Project Management In NursingOne thing you don’t learn in nursing school is project management. Or do you? Although nurses may not receive formal training on business topics, there are many skills you do learn that can help you conceive and manage projects in the workplace.


In fact, the nursing process provides an ideal background for using project management techniques. The nursing process incorporates a systematic method of assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation. Project management encompasses similar procedures for successful results.  Read more…

Overgaard, Penny Morgan BSN, RN, FAHCEP
June 2010 – Volume 41 – Issue 6 – p 53–54


Project Management in Nursing? Although nurses aren’t usually specifically educated in business and management concepts, there are ways to adapt the unique skills involved in nursing to many of the nurse manager’s administrative and leadership responsibilities. Successful nurse managers can fulfill their business responsibilities using skills they’ve already mastered.


The use of the systematic steps in project management can eliminate costly mistakes, increase quality, and save time. The nursing process may help the nurse manager understand how using a systematic process to complete a project is beneficial. The nursing process incorporates a systematic method of assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation. Project management encompasses similar procedures for successful results.


Originally conceived as a tool to ensure that projects using many disciplines would be correctly budgeted and completed within a scheduled time frame, project management has become useful in a variety of settings from writing a book to building a skyscraper.


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