Sample PMP Question: February 2014

Your project has four activities, which will require the following amounts of time: A=2 days, B=3 days, C=1 day, and D=5 days. B can start one day after the start of A.  C can start 2 days after B has finished, while D can start immediately after C.  When does activity D end?

A.     At the end of day 11
B.     At the end of day 12
C.     At the end of day 13
D.     At the end of day 14


B:  Activity B can start at the start of Day 2, but while it finishes on Day 4, there is a 2 day delay before C can start.  Taken together, these three activities consume 7 days.  With D following C and taking 5 days, it will finish at the end of day 12.

Question data supplied by: 1000 Challenge PMP Questions
Author: Mohit Arora
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