PMP Preparation: You Can Do It!

PMP PreparationI appreciate the support I’m receiving from friends who have confidence in my ability to pass the upcoming PMP certification exam.    This morning I ran into one who has been a longtime manager at IBM.  I can recall telling her at a holiday party last year that I might like to get my PMP sometime, but I wasn’t sure I was up for the studying that would be  required on top of my hectic schedule.  She regretted never having sought it for herself, as being a PMP might have opened up even more career opportunities within her company.  When I told her today that I was only four weeks away from taking the test, she wished me well and acted like it would be no trouble at all to pass.  Easy for her to say!  An engineer and math whiz, she could probably ace it easily.


I, on the other hand, am no engineer or math whiz.  Nor have I had the exposure to project management in a large corporation or a company that used formal practice management practices.  So I’m taking my studying seriously, fitting it in here and there when I have some extra time to spare, hoping it will be adequate to prepare myself for the exam.  I guess  my friends could be right and that I will, indeed, pass the first time.  If I fail, however, I suspect I will just keep going with my PMP preparation studying and aim to pass on the second try.


You can do it, my friends say.  Let’s see if they’re right!


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