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Tom Peters on Project Management

Best-selling business author Tom Peters was recently the keynote speaker at PMI’s Leadership Institute Meeting (LIM).  Among the wisdom he shared with the audience: If you […]

Program Management vs. Project Management

What’s the difference between Project Management & Program Management? And is it suitable to apply to a position in Program Management area with project management […]

Official hierarchy for project managers?

Is there an official hierarchy of project managers in project management? Not really, although some organizations will have Project Manager 1, Project Manager 2, etc. […]

What are project exclusions?

What would be an example of an exclusion in a project initiation document in project management? When I look it up I’m told things that are […]

Why your schedule takes too long to update

Earlier this year I worked with a client to develop an initial Microsoft Project schedule for a cross-functional multi-organizational project. I felt the schedule was […]