Tom Peters on Project Management

Best-selling business author Tom Peters was recently the keynote speaker at PMI’s Leadership Institute Meeting (LIM).  Among the wisdom he shared with the audience:

  • If you don’t like politics or meetings, don’t be a project manager. Politics is life. Relish it. It’s our fellow human beings.
  • Your emotional quotient is much more important than your intelligence quotient.
  • Agile is key. Whoever tries the most stuff, wins. Forget “do it right the first time.”
  • Thanks to social media, one bad mistake can undo 25 years of branding activity.
  • Have lunch with your colleagues from other areas of the organization.
  • Spend 80 percent of time finding and maintaining allies.
  • “Idiots suck up for success. Geniuses suck down.”
  • Give constant recognition, especially for smaller achievements. Micro-milestones matter. “Nobody died from too many thank yous.”

Excerpt from PMI Friday Facts, 14th November 2014

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